More than 10 years of systematic R&D and innovation focused on berries has led to the discovery of novel active berry compound named Ribetril™ A, a new discovery named by Asiros’ founders.

  • Ribetril™ A is a unique bioactive polyphenol-alkaloid only found in specific varieties of red- and blackcurrants grown in parts of Europe.
  • Ribetril™ A features various physiological effects and uses including an anti-wrinkle and smoothing effect of the skin and boosting of mitochondria–  se more 

  • The Ribetril™ Technology is patented and ensures high levels of Ribetril™ A in MitoActive™ products. The patent covers active compounds, products containing them and various uses.

MitoActive™ for Energy and MitoBeauty™ for Skin Regeneration are based on selected cultivars of redcurrant and blackcurrant containing the patented Ribetril™ A which acts on key enzymes, enabling improved mitochondrial function and improved microcirculation and skin regenerating effects.