The BerryShield™ Technology


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Our Berryshield™ polyphenol berry extract powders are manufactured in Denmark by the BerryShield™ Technology, an innovative proprietary powder processing method that extracts and protectively envelopes the delicate berry components that are otherwise easily destroyed in conventionally processed products.

During processing, the Berryshield extracts are gently dried at our Danish production facility by vacuum belt drying, avoiding the high temperatures associated with spray drying, thereby protecting the high amount of bioactive polyphenols provided by the BerryShield™ Technology.

We do not use maltodextrin, and the powders are much more concentrated and with an unsurmounted taste and coulor compared to conventional berry powders. 

By using the BerryShield™ Technology the berry components are stabilized, rendering berry powders with uniquely improved taste, colour, polyphenol content and application stability. 


The BerryShield™ processing technology enables

  1. Protection of the berry components such as polyphenols and anthocyanins
  2. High diversity and levels of berry compounds
  3. Improved and durable taste and colour
  4. Increased heat and pH-resistance during finished product application
  5. Reduced oxidative and enzymatic degradation