The BerryShield™ Technology


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Innovative processing technology 

The BerryShield™ Technology is a new powerful powder processing tool that protectively envelopes the delicate berry components that are otherwise easily destroyed in conventionally processed products.

By using the BerryShield™ Technology the berry components are stabilized, rendering berry powders with uniquely improved taste, colour, nutritional content and application stability. 

BerryShield™ processing technology is characterized by

  • High diversity and high levels of berry nutrients
  • Protection of all berry components such as polyphenols and vitamins
  • Improved and durable taste and colour
  • Increased heat and pH-resistance during finished product application
  • Reduced oxidative and enzymatic degradation
The BerryShield™ berry powders are a range of optimized berry powders manufactured with the BerryShield™ Technology. See more about our powders


Highest Quality

Control of the production chain combined with UltraProfile™ proprietary triple analytical technology guarantees the highest quality of the products. UltraProfile™ provides a significantly more complex characterization of the content at the molecular level than previously possible by a novel combination of spectroscopic methods including the highly advanced q-TOF.