Nature and Science combined


Asiros has succeeded in unlocking secrets of how different bioactive components of fruits and vegetables make important contributions to our health. 

Our discoveries are based on the use of the most advanced scientific tools in the fields of extraction technology, analytical chemistry and biochemical bioactivity measurement. 

Two decades of experience within pharmacology, formulation technology and development of pharmaceutical compounds is the basis for Asiros’ unique approach to the development of an entirely new generation of plant-derived food ingredients with great innovative power.


The development of Asiros’ ingredients and products is based on a multi-level approach by which a high degree of proprietary knowledge is obtained, enabling a strong patent protection of Asiros core technologies.

Our science-based approach is characterized by:

  1. Identification of secondary metabolites from edible plants by advanced chemical and biochemical methodology enabling the purification of new potentially active compounds.
  2. Identification of physiological targets relevant to tissue restoration.
  3. Advanced computer simulations of interaction of secondary metabolites with relevant targets and discovery of new active secondary metabolites.
  4. In vitro confirmation of the bioactivity of identified active secondary metabolites in Asiros advanced laboratory.
  5. In vivo confirmation of the bioactivity in collaboration with leading contract research laboratories.