MITOACTIVE™ – Energy and skin revival



Liquid or powder high in bioactive Ribetril™ A and total polyphenols

For increased daily energy and improved physical performance and recovery

Based on scientifically selected red- and blackcurrants particularly high in active Ribetril A

25 ml (or 8 grams of powder) daily

500 ml bottle – 3 weeks supply

No sugar added 

Private lable 

EU approved health claims  with added magnesium and biotin


Ribetril™ A improves the mitochondria (the energy factories) of muscle cells

Exercise is well known to stimulate mitochondria amount and function. Ribetril A also stimulates mitochondria amount and function. University of Copenhagen and Roskilde University have performed studies on mitochondrial amount and function demonstrating increased spare respiratory capacity and mitochondrial amount in muscle cells exposed to Ribetril™ A or red- and blackcurrant extracts high in Ribetril™ A. 

The spare respiratory capacity is the difference between ATP produced by oxidative phosphorylation
at basal and maximal activity in case of a sudden increase in energy demand. If the spare respiratory capacity of the mitochondria is insufficient to provide the required ATP, affected cells may be driven into dysfunction or cell death. 

  • Ribetril™ A improves the spare respiratory capacity of muscle mitochondria
  • Ribetril™ A stimulates the formation of new mitochondria 


MitoActive™ reduces wrinkles and improves microcirculation in the skin

In a French clinical study with 50 healthy women and men of 40-65 years,
daily consumption of 30 ml nutritional beverage with Ribetril™ A resultet in:

  • MitoActive™ induced a significant anti-wrinkle and smoothing effect already after 6 weeks
  • MitoActive™ induced a sustained anti-wrinkle and smoothing effect after 12 weeks
  • MitoActive™ induced a significantly increased microcirculation in the skin
  • MitoActive™ induced a significant moisturizing effect 


Ribetril™ A – the New Bioactive Principle discovered by Asiros

Ribetril A, is a unique bioactive polyphenol-alkaloid found only in specific varieties of red- and blackcurrants. 

Ribetril™ A is a is a triple enzyme inhibitor.

The patented Ribetril™ technology ensures high levels of Ribetril™ A in all MitoActive™ products.

Asiros holds the patents that cover active compounds,  products containing increased levels of Ribetri™ A and various uses.