BerryShield™ Optimized Berry Powders 

Stabilized powders with uniquely improved taste, colour and nutritional content

The berry powder market overflows with standard powders with technically increased contents of one type of bioactive compounds. To increase the content of one type of compounds will unavoidably sacrifize other compounds.

We believe that it is essential to the health value of berry powders to maintain the highly diverse range of berry nutrients made by nature yet still concentrate these nutrients optimally.  Furthermore, protection of the berry nutrients is crucial to optimize and stabilize taste, colour and bioactive compounds in the powder. We have managed all this with the BerryShield™ Technology and offer a new competitive edge to our costumers with our delicious range of 5 different powders that can be used as ingredients as well as for bioactive products.

The patented solvent-free BerryShield™  Technology protects the berry compounds during processing, and the result is a range of highly stable powders less vulnerable to oxidative degradation with improved taste and colour and increased heat and pH-resistance.

The raw material is exclusively sourced in Europe and the supply chain is secured to the field with contracted farmers. The production is managed in industrial scale in Denmark.

Product range

The BerryShield™ Technology can be applied to all types of berries. 5 powders are currently available:

  • Tart cherry
  • Blackcurrant
  • Redcurrant
  • Elderberry
  • Strawberry


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Food and Beverage

Single or mixed berry powders used as an ingredients in all applications where quality, berry content, berry taste, and berry color matter.

Health Supplements

Single or mixed berry powders directed at the physiological effects associated with the individual berry bioactivity.

Nutritional Food

Single or mixed berry powders for direct consumption, aimed at the health conscious consumer.

More about BerryShield™

BerryShield™ products are based on the BerryShield™ Technology. They comprise a range of natural berry powders with a multitude of healthy, tasteful, colourful berry nutrients packed in a uniquely protective matrix as if they were still in the raw berry, ideal for both direct consumption, health supplements and as food & beverage ingredients. Read more