BerryShield™ Extract Berry Powders 

The BerryShield™ Technology extracts and protects the broad berry compound profile during powder processing.

Berries are very healthy due to the complex content of bioactive berry polyphenols and other nutrients. Single compounds such as anthocyanins are not sufficient to obtain full berry bioactivity.

The broad profile and the protection of bioactive compounds is the backbone of the superior BerryShield™ products.

Furthermore, protection of the berry nutrients is crucial to optimize and stabilize taste, color and bioactive compounds in the powder.

We have managed all this with the BerryShield™ Technology and offer a new competitive edge to our customers with our delicious range of six different powders that can be used as ingredients for bioactive products.

The raw material is exclusively sourced in Europe and the supply chain is secured to the field with contracted farmers. The production is managed at Asiros own manufacturing facility in Denmark.





The BerryShield™ Technology can be applied to all types of berries. Six powders are currently available:

  1. Tart cherry (Prunus cerasus)
  2. Blackcurrant (Ribes Nigrum)
  3. Redcurrant (Ribes Rubrum)
  4. Elderberry (Sambucus Nigra)
  5. Strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa)
  6. Blueberry (Vaccinium myrtillis)

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Functional food and beverages

Easily applicable as ingredient in various functional foods such as protein powders, diet powders, bars etc. Mixes easily into beverges, smoothies, tea, youghurt, icecream and bakery. Single or mixed berry powders can also be used directly by the health-conscious consumer whishin to increase their berry intake in a convenient way. 


Many berries are known for their content of specific physiologically active compounds or effects. With impressive benchmarking and high content of a mixture of important bioactive compounds, BerryShield is the optimal choice for a supplement whether as capsules, tablets, or sachets.



The berry extracts are produced with BerryShield™ Technology, which is an innovative proprietary powder processing method that extracts and protectively envelopes the delicate berry components that are otherwise easily destroyed in conventionally processed products.    Read more