Asiros’ products – based on new proprietary technologies


At Asiros, we focus on new patentable discoveries and our products are therefore characterized by a uniquely high innovation level.

BerryShield™ Polyphenol Extract Berry Powders

The BerryShield™ extract polyphenol berry powders are developed for the application in health supplements and functional foods such as dietary powders, protein bars etc.

By using the BerryShield™ Technology the berry components are stabilized, rendering berry powders with uniquely improved taste, colour, polyphenol content and application stability. We know and understand our berries at a very deep level. With a novel combination of analytical methods including the highly advanced U-HPLC-qTOF, Asiros delivers unsurpassed berry powder quality.

During processing, the Berryshield extracts are gently dried at our Danish production facility by vacuum belt drying, avoiding the high temperatures associated with spray drying, thereby protecting the high amount of bioactive polyphenols provided by the BerryShield™ Technology.

We do not use maltodextrin, and the powders are much more concentrated and with an unsurmounted taste and coulor compared to conventional berry powders. 


The MitoActive products are based on the discovery of a bioactive compound in certain varieties of red- and blackcurrants. MitoActive contains Ribetril™ A – a new polyphenol showing triple bioactivity; enhanced mitochondrial biogenesis & function, improved microcirculation and improved tissue regeneration.