Asiros is a Danish biotech company founded in 2007 by a medical doctor and a biochemist with the aim to combine the passion for natural products with advanced modern science and high innovative power. 

We use complex pharmaceutical methods and cutting edge analytical equipment to create new patentable discoveries and processing platforms that enable market leading ingredients for supplements and functional foods based on berries and herbs.

Our product development is based on more than 30 years’ experience with pharmaceutical and phytochemical ingredient development and manufacturing. 

ASIROS NORDIC – our Danish production facility

Asiros Nordic is our manufacturing facility situated outside Copenhagen within easy reach from our R&D laboratories. Asiros Nordic’s advanced processing equipment such as pilot and full scale extraction columns and a large volume vacuum belt dryer is operated by highly skilled personnel ensuring top quality ingredients for Asiros’ advanced berry and herbal products.

The combination of a high level of scientific, technical and manufacturing know-how within the companies create important synergies in the continuous development of new products to the world supplement market. We also offer large volume contract manufacturing of natural herbs and berries from processing to drying in our advanced vacuum belt dryer. Please use the contact form to enquire.

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